Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic (ANT352/HNR360 Food, Identity & Culture)

Michael Barclay (DRA451 The Modern Stage)

Tugkan Batu (CIS473: Automata and Computability / CIS477: Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms)

Deborah Blandford (EDI352 Environmental Design)

Dennis Bury (PSY393 Personality) 

Meghan Callahan (HOA300.2 Artistic Exchange Between England and Italy)

Eray Çaylı (Architecture program)

Natacha Chevalier (BUA300.1/HST300,4 – Business of Empire: From Buccaneers to Brexit)

Christopher Cook (TRF560 The BBC)

John Dickerson (HOA372 Business of Art)

Ella Finer (HOM300 Performance Live)

Lara Frumkin (PSY474 Forensic Psychology: Crime & Violence – On Leave Fall 2016)

Troy Gordon (PSC315/HST300 Politics & Media: Mass Persuasion)

Genevieve Gordon-Thomson (SPM300 Sports in the United Kingdom; SPM300 Global Sport Marketing: Case Study Approach)

Cathy Haill (DRA351 Contemporary British & European Theatre)

Stephen Hannah (FIN355 Money & Banking)

Michael Harris (FIN300 International Financial Markets)

Ian Hessenberg (PHO204 Introduction to Photography)

James Hicks (HOA/HST300 A History of London in 11 Objects)

Louisa Hotson (HST414/PSC350.3 – America: A Foreign Perspective)

R. Justin Hunt (QSX/SOC/WGS400 Sex, Gender & the City; SOC200 London Subculture: Collective Identity, Business & Space)

Steve Jeppesen (ART400 History of Contemporary Design)

Malcolm Johnston (MAR301 Essentials of Marketing)

Dhruv Joshi (SCM300 Production & Operations Management)

Michael Keating (ECN362/PSC462 Globalization, Development and the Environment)

Tyler Knight (EEE370 Introduction to Entrepreneurship)

Mark Leipacher (ETS320 Interpreting Shakespeare – Spring Semester)

Eric Litwack (PHI 300.1 Technology, Values and the Future)

Forbes Morlock (ETS430 Reading Pictures, Seeing Stories; ETS464 Travellers’ Tales: An Education Abroad; ETS340 Walking England)

Carol Nahra (COM300 Digital Britain: Engaging the User; TRF560 Documenting Reality: Factual Formats in British Film & TV)

Indy Neogy (IST345 Managing Information Systems Projects)

Francesco Nerici (DES485 Multidisciplinary Design Studio; CMD450 Communication Design Problems)

Darrell Panethiere (COM505 Communications Law for Journalists)

Simon Periton (PHO204 Introduction to Photography)

Catherine Phipps (SOC367 Sociology of Sports)

Jo Pickering (COM348 Beauty & Diversity in Fashion Media)

João Prates Ruivo (ARC561 Survey of British Architecture)

Allan Plath (MGT355 Strategic Human Resources)

Catherine Roberts (PSY400 Conflict, Trauma and Collective Memory: Psychology and the Great War)

Davide Sacconi (Interim Director Architecture Program – ARC407/608 Architectural Design)

Dara Salam (HST/MES/PSC368 – Islam and the West)

Frances Smith (ETS360/FIL300/QSX/WGS400 James Bond, Sherlock Holmes & British Masculinity)

Donatella Sparti (HOA201 Masterpieces of Art; HOA473 London Museums)

Jacqueline Springer (COM346 Race, Gender & the Media; HOM400 Black British Music: Exploring Identity Through Sound)

Richard Tames (HST300.3 London’s Living History)

Nina Trivedi (ART/CRS/TRM316 Introduction to Visual Culture)

Wahyd Vannoni (MAR357: Consumer Behaviour)

Joe Videan (ADV206 Advertising Practice in a Diverse Society)

Shirley Wang (PSY300 Health Psychology: Mind, Body & Culture)

Dan Wheatley (SOC412 Multicultural London)

Nick Wilkinson (ECN312 Behavioural Economics)

Bogusia Wojciechowska (CRS430 Intercultural Communication)

Matt Wolf (ETS320 Interpreting Shakespeare – Fall Semester)

Murray Woodfield (DRA529 Acting for the Frame)

Bev Zalcock (ETS430 Global Cities & World Cinema)