The teaching faculty at Faraday House are here to provide you with an inclusive learning environment and additional support to help you thrive as a global student. Our courses are designed to make as much use as possible of London’s unique resources and opportunities, integrating field trips, guest speakers, and local case studies.

Below, you can browse our diverse faculty – all of whom bring not only their academic expertise into their teaching, but also their London savvy. Click on a professor’s name to read more about their background and interests.

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Professor Department Classes Taught
Bajic-Hajdukovic, Ivana Anthropology ANT352/HNR360: Food, Identity, and Culture
Barclay, Michael Drama DRA451: The Modern Stage
Batu, Tugkan Computer Science CIS473: Automata and Computability
CIS477: Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
Bennett, Karen Political Science PSC354: Human Rights and Global Affairs
Blandford, Deborah Design EDI352: Environmental Design
Callahan, Meghan Art History HOA300.2: Makers and Markets: Italian Art in Britain
Cook, Christopher Television, Radio, and Film TRF560: The BBC
Dickerson, John Art History HOA372: Business of Art
Fantini, Delfina Design IND481: Ethnography and Culture in Design
Farnum, Becca Geography GEO300.1: Sustainability and Environmental Justice in Europe
BUA400/CFS493/MUI408/RAE400: The Global Workplace
Finer, Ella History of Music HOM300: Performance Live
Frumkin, Lara Psychology PSY47: Forensic Psychology: Crime & Violence
Gordon, Troy Political Science PSC315/HST300: Politics & Media: Mass Persuasion
Gordon-Thomson, Genevieve Sport Management SPM300.1: Sports in the United Kingdom
SPM300.2: Global Sport Marketing: Case Study Approach
Haill, Cathy Drama DRA351: Contemporary British & European Theatre)
Hammer, Kate Communication and Rhetorical Studies BUA/CRS300: London’s Creative Industries
Hannah, Stephen Finance FIN355: Money & Banking
Hessenberg, Ian Photography PHO204: Introduction to Photography
Hicks, James History of Art HOA/HST300.1: A History of London in 11 Objects
Hotson, Louisa Political Science PSC350.1: America: A Foreign Perspective
Hunt, R. Justin Sociology QSX/SOC/WGS400.1: Sex, Gender & the City
SOC200.1: London Subculture: Collective Identity, Business & Space
FIL300.1/QSX400.2/WGS400.2: James Bond, Sherlock Holmes & British Masculinity
Javadian, Vajihe Supply Chain Management SCM300: Production and Operations Management
Jeppesen, Steve School of Art ART400.1: History of Contemporary Design
Johnston, Malcolm Marketing MAR301: Essentials of Marketing
Keating, Michael Economics ECN362/PSC462: Globalization, Development and the Environment
Knight, Tyler Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises EEE370: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Leipacher, Mark English ETS320: Interpreting Shakespeare
Litwack, Eric Philosophy PHI 300.1: Technology, Values and the Future
Morlock, Forbes English ETS430: Reading Pictures, Seeing Stories
ETS464 Travellers’ Tales: An Education Abroad
Nahra, Carol Communications COM300.1: Digital Britain: Engaging the UserTRF560.2: Documenting Reality: Factual Formats in British Film & TV
Neogy, Indy Information BUA400.2: The Business of Tourism
IST345: Managing Information Systems Projects
Nerici, Francesco Design DES485: Multidisciplinary Design Studio
CMD450: Communication Design Problems
Panethiere, Darrell Communications COM505: Communications Law for Journalists
Periton, Simon Photography PHO204: Introduction to Photography
Phipps, Catherine Sociology SOC367: Sociology of Sports
Pickering, Jo Communications COM348: Beauty & Diversity in Fashion Media
Ruivo, João Prates Architecture ARC561: Survey of British Architecture
Racin, Limore Psychology PSY375: Cross Cultural Psychology
Roberts, Catherine Psychology PSY400.1: Conflict, Trauma and Collective Memory: Psychology and the Great War
Sacconi, Davide Architecture ARC407: Architectural Design
ARC608: Architectural Design
Salam, Dara Political Science HST/MES/PSC368: Islam and the West
Sparti, Donatella Art History HOA201: Masterpieces of ArtHOA473: London Museums
Springer, Jacqueline Communications COM346: Race, Gender & the Media
HOM400.1: Black British Music: Exploring Identity Through Sound
Stamselberg, Nadja Communication and Rhetorical Studies CRS430: Intercultural Communication
Tames, Richard History HST300.3: London’s Living History
Trivedi, Nina History of Art ART/CRS/TRM316: Introduction to Visual Culture
Vannoni, Wahyd Marketing MAR 357: Consumer Behaviour
Videan, Joe Advertising ADV206: Advertising Practice in a Diverse Society
Wang, Shirley Psychology PSY300.1: Health Psychology: Mind, Body & Culture
Wheatley, Dan Sociology SOC412: Multicultural London
Wilkinson, Nick Economics ECN312: Behavioural Economics
Wojciechowska, Bogusia Communication and Rhetorical Studies CRS430: Intercultural Communication
Woodfield, Murray Drama DRA529: Acting for the Frame
Zalcock, Bev English ETS430.2: Global Cities & World Cinema