Survey of British Architecture

Survey of British Architecture
The Birth of the Public

João Prates Ruivo with Pietro Pezzani

The Public will be the subject of the Survey of British Architecture, the lens through which the course will look at the history of London’s architectural and urban transformations over the last three centuries.

Rather than following a chronological approach, the course will investigate and question the relation between public and private spaces in the city, as well as observing and comparing architecture and urban conditions of different periods. Exploring a series of urban spaces and building ensembles – from 17th century to the present – the students will investigate how within the genealogy of the public space, the private sphere was established, and with it the separation between the public and the domestic realm. The course will address such boundary not as a red line, but rather a grey area with particular spatial qualities, that is mediated through the discipline of architecture. Using analytical drawings, the course aims to understand the function of architecture in relation to the city, and, in turn, recognize how the urban has influenced the design and functioning of buildings.

João Prates Ruivo is an architect living and working in London. After working in Rotterdam with Theo Deutinger and at OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), he moved to Athens to start his own practice, FORA. In the United Kingdom he has taught at the School of Architecture Liverpool University, and since 2014 is an MPhil/PhD candidate at the Center for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London.





pietro-pezzaniPietro Pezzani is an architect form Milan, currently based in London.
After working with Stefano Boeri Architetti and other firms in Milan, he co-founded the practice Forestieri Pace Pezzani. He has been a tutor in Urban Design and Architectural Design studios at Politecnico di Milano and in Interior Design at NABA. He recently completed an MA on the genealogy spatialities and politics of digital targeting at the Centre For Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London. His projects and articles have been published internationally on Bracket Architecural Bookazine and San Rocco Magazine.