Community Engagement

SU London encourages students to engage with the local community. We foster relationships with several types of providers to ensure our students a variety of community engagement opportunities. In addition to internships and alumni relations, we also work with the HOST and Encompass Programs.


SU London has, over the years, built up relationships with several businesses in the city of London that has resulted in the creation of internship opportunities for our study abroad students. All of our interning students take The Global Workplace course, which centers on the processes of job finding, acquisition, organizational entry, organizational socialization, and effective performance in the student’s chosen occupational field.

For more information on internship opportunities, please click here.

Alumni Relations

Through a series of networking events and close collaboration, we ensure that our students get the opportunity to network with the SU Alumni who often build careers and businesses in the UK.

The relationships with past, present and future SU Abroad students is very important to us. Our community is ever-growing and we want to be around to make sure it stays together.