SU London Internship Program

Internships offer an excellent way of experiencing the professional, working life of London from the inside. Internships provide interaction and hands-on experience with the host culture, as well as direct professional experience related to your academic studies and long-term career goals.

The SU London Internship Program places students into local, national and international organizations in a wide variety of sectors.

Choosing to do an internship is a commitment, and the process for securing an internship is complex, so it is vital that you understand all the requirements before applying. Below is an overview of the key steps in the process.

Ten steps to starting an internship

Independent Internships

Students with personal contacts can opt to source their internship independently under the provisions of UK Immigration and SU Abroad/SU London. Placement must be unpaid and for two full days per week for the duration of the semester. The student must be in the process of confirming the internship at the time of applying to SU Abroad. The application process (including all the steps above) is the same, but an additional SUL Independent Internship form [PDF, 108KB] must be completed and submitted at the Commitment stage (Step 5).

SU London will conduct a site visit to the placement to assess suitability. Students who source their internship independently are legally required to obtain a Tier 4 student visa and take the academic component: BUA 400: The Global Workplace. If the internship falls through, SU London cannot guarantee an alternative placement.