Dara Salam (HST/MES/PSC368 – Islam and the West)


Dara Salam received his PhD in Political Theory from the Centre for Ethics and Global Politics at LUISS University. In the meantime, he was a full-time visiting PhD researcher at King’s College London. He completed his MA and MPhil in Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London. Dara is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Studies at SOAS, and previously was a Visiting Scholar in the Centre for Culture and Law at Queen Mary, University of London.

Dara’s research interests are in political theory, both normative and historical and in the question of religion with an emphasis on the notion of public reason. He has recently been working on the possibility of the functioning of public reason in non-liberal and religious societies. Dara’s other research interests are in Middle East politics concentrating on issues such as religion, public sphere and secularism.


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