Overnight Field Trips

London is a major capital – but far from the only one in the area. One thing (among many) that makes England’s biggest city vastly different from New York or Washington, D.C., is just how closely connected it is with other capitals…and the ease of travelling between them.

As part of their study abroad experience, all students have the opportunity to participate in all-university weekend field trips to another popular destination. Learn more about these places and their connection to our Passport program below.

Students have the chance to select one of three overnight trips to a European capital. Our destinations for Fall 2019 are shown below. Incoming students can sign up here with the password they received via email from ldnprogramming@syr.edu.

All-School Overnight Field Trips – Fall 2019




27th-29th September

Though the biggest city in Denmark, Copenhagen is quite small compared to London: just over 775,000 call the Danish capital home…and there in fact more bicycles in Copenhagen than there are permanent residents. A major financial and service capital for Europe, Copenhagen is a particular leader in sustainable energy research and technology. Its landmarks include Tivoli (one of the world’s oldest amusement and roller coaster parks), a statue of The Little Mermaid, and colourful canals like Nyhavn – with street trampolines to get active with a view. Time in Copenhagen can include biking, boating, and bouncing.

Students attending the Copenhagen field trip will be encouraged to prepare a reflection on Copenhagen’s sustainable initiatives to earn a Sport, Wellbeing & the Environment stamp for their London Passport.



25th-27th October

Though not the capital of the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is a capital city – it has been Scotland’s primary seat of government since the 15th century. In addition to the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh is home to the Palace of Holyroodhouse (the official residence of the monarchy in Scotland) as well as an amazingly preserved iconic castle, a famous hill known for its views of the city called Arthur’s Seat, and an international theatre festival that runs each August. Students on this trip will have the chance to explore museums, monuments, and mountains!

Students attending the Edinburgh field trip might write up some notes about Scottish-English history or the integration of nature in city planning to receive a Social & Political Justice or Sport, Wellbeing & the Environment stamp in their London Passport.



8th-10th November

London is Europe’s biggest city…but Germany’s capital runs it a close second! Our trip coincides with the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and will focus on stories of reunification. Despite an intense and divided history, Berlin has become a world centre of culture and science – which includes the world’s oldest large movie studio! Festivals, nightlife, and a high quality of living also add to the city’s reputation.

This trip will lend itself to an Art, Architecture & Heritage or Social & Political Justice reflection to earn a stamp in your London Passport.