Pop Up Talks

Health & Wellness offers Pop Up talks and training for students and staff on many subjects related to students’ health and wellbeing. We provide topics on Healthy Relationships, Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, Alcohol and Substance Use.


Pop up talks aims to talk about interpersonal violence using research literature to define some of the myths, facts and UK Law.

  • Healthy Relationships this interactive discussion focuses upon the myths and facts about relationship violence, it allows students to talk our their experiences and how their understandings, beliefs and attitudes shape behaviours
  • Sexual Relationships / Consent & Sexual AssaultA student lead discussion aims to connect with students experiences of what they understand about the secretive areas of ‘what does consent really look like’ and ‘what constitutes sexual assault?
  • Drugs & Alcohol Synthetic Highs – learn about psychoactive substances and their effects. We actively encourage an open debate about the use of psychoactive substances and offer research literature to highlight the severe negative effects than can result from casual use.
  • Suicide Prevention & InterventionThis workshop looks at how we may enter into discussions with others that may be reaching out. Participants will learn to support others and ask for help and refer to on-campus resources.