SU London’s experienced and supportive Program Office is here to help when you need us. We can help you with your housing and roommate queries, give advice on navigating London, show you the tricks to becoming a savvy traveler and can point you in the right direction if you need to see a doctor.

With so much to distract and entertain you here in London, it’s important to remember that students also need to take care of themselves to get the most out of their semester abroad. To help students flourish alongside their studies we offer a program packed with social opportunities, food events, sports activities as well as more reflective, holistic events. Our aim is to make our students feel welcome, keep them safely housed, healthy, integrated and supported.

A signature feature of the London program are the all-school overnight field trips, which are open to all students. Experienced staff will help you make the most of your time abroad by taking you to discover the real England and Europe. Castles, countrysides, the historical, and the contemporary are all part of the rich panoply of trips on offer.

Course-Related Field Study

Take advantage of special out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities. Some courses at SU London offer field-study experience in and around London or to other cities and countries. Please see course descriptions for more information. When space is available, the trips are open to students who are not enrolled in these courses, providing they show an interest in the trip’s academic focus.

Students who elect to participate sign up and pay in London for travel/accommodation costs with a credit card.

Benefits of Attending SU London

As part of your program fee, you also get the option of signing up to Bloomsbury Fitness. This membership gives you a 3-month pass for unlimited use of the gym, fitness classes and squash courts. In addition to all of these great benefits, Bloomsbury Fitness is a popular gym for students in the local area from UCL to SOAS. This is an ideal opportunity to keep fit and meet other British university students.

Unlimited travel within zones 1-2 will be covered within your program fee. For further information on how this is done, please click here.

All SU London students, as part of their program fee, will have the opportunity to choose from one of three all-school overnight field trips. Travel, accommodation and activities are all covered in these trips. There will be a good balance of planned activities and free time on these field trips with staff on-hand to help with any health, safety & security issues.

Your good health is vital to excelling academically and participating fully in living and traveling abroad. To help support you in staying healthy, SU London is partnered with the highly regarded clinic, Freedom Health. If you become ill and need to see a medical doctor, SU London will pay for your initial visit to Freedom Health. For more information on how to make use of this benefit, click here.

Every student has the opportunity to sign up to UCLU’s Clubs and Societies. If you are interest, SU London covers the cost of your membership to the union. From there on, you are responsible for meeting any clubs’ requirements. For more information about this, please click here.