Faraday Wellness Activities

Faraday Fitness

During a fast-paced semester in London we encourage the students to take a few hours each week to revitalize their bodies. We offer fitness opportunities both in and outside of Faraday House. The types of indoor activities you can expect are Yoga and HIIT fitness classes. Outdoor activities include group jogs around Little Venice, water rafting, indoor rock climbing and much more that you can look forward to.

Faraday Food

Eating well is essential if you want to thrive during a semester abroad. We know full well that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. We offer food socials throughout the semester. Some examples are listed below:

  • Cookery Club: Staff and faculty members teach students cost effective and healthy meals they can make from scratch. When the meal is completed, everyone sits down for a group lunch. Not only does this encourage healthy eating and being economic, but it also creates an environment for students to socialise.
  • Smoothie Socials: Once in a while we run this smoothie social during lunch time on alternating days of the week. For students with back to back classes, picking up a healthy smoothie will keep them alert for the rest of the day.