Medical Information

Health Information

While we cannot give any specific endorsements, SU London provides this information as a courtesy to all interested parties. Consultations between patient and doctor, dentist, lawyer or counselor are considered private, and payment for all treatment and services contracted is the sole responsibility of the student. Please refer to your handbook or contact us in the Program Office if you need information on doctors and health services.

As an American student studying here for a single semester you are not eligible for treatment under the National Health Service (NHS). However, you are eligible for treatment at NHS Walk-In Centres. NHS Walk-in Centres Ž give you fast access to health advice and treatment. They are open to anyone on a drop-in basis and provide access to a range of NHS services. Experienced NHS nurses are available to treat a range of minor illnesses, such as coughs, colds, and infections, as well as minor injuries like strains, sprains and cuts. The centers provide information, such as opening times, contact numbers etc. for all other local health services, including pharmacies, dental services and out-of-hours GP services.

The nearest NHS Walk-In Centre to Faraday House is The Soho NHS Walk-In Centre, located just south of Soho Square.

Contact Information:
The Soho NHS Walk-In Centre
1 Frith Street
London W1D 3HZ

+44 (0)20 7534 6500

Visit their website for up to date information on opening times and view their list of servicesŽ.

Freedom Health

Your good health is vital to excelling academically and participating fully in living and traveling abroad. To help support you in staying healthy, SU London is partnered with the highly regarded clinic, Freedom Health. If you become ill and need to see a medical doctor, SU London will pay for your initial visit to Freedom Health. In order to be seen by a Freedom Health medical doctor, you must get in touch with a member of the Program Office to get an e-mail confirmation, which can be provided to the clinic.

Many students have reported positively on the healthcare they have received from the doctors at. You can email them or call them on 020 3642 7871 to book an appointment or ask a question. They can supply the paperwork you need for your insurance company.

Most importantly – please let us know if you have any major health problems or concerns, so that we’re in the best position to help you.

Information for Students with Allergies

As you may know, most general practitioners within the British health system are unable to administer allergy shots. You may, however, be able to bring the following items with you to London: your medication, a reference letter from your physician in the United States and your physician’s case notes pertaining to your injections. If you have a serious allergy, please carry a medical alert card with you at all times.

SU London staff has located a clinic that is able to administer allergy shots—the London Allergy Clinic (Tel: 020 7637 9711). Before your first treatment, you will be required to have a consultation, which will cost approximately £150*. Any shots or further treatments will cost approximately £55*. You must follow these guidelines:

  • Bring your medication with you in the original containers. The contents of all vials must be clearly and accurately labelled.
  • Bring a prescription schedule from your physician in the US, outlining what shots you have received to date and what you will need.
  • Bring a reference letter from your physician in the U.S. and carry a copy of your medical file, or at least the case notes pertaining to your allergy medication.
  • Bring a copy of your skin prick test results.
  • Carry the medication and the authorization in your carry-on luggage. DO NOT pack medication in your checked luggage.
  • Bring a reference letter from your physician and a copy of your medical file, or at least the case notes pertaining to your allergy medication.
  • Budget for the extra cost of private medical care.
  • Check with your medical insurance provider in the US regarding coverage and reimbursement for allergy shots and private care while in London.
  • Contact Nada Silman, Assistant Director for Programming & Student Life, upon arrival in London.

*Prices correct as of March 2016.

Remember that medical practices in the UK reserve the right to only administer treatments that they determine to be indicated and appropriate. Our students have almost never encountered any problems, but if yours is an unusual situation or you require a very high dosage, you might want to contact the clinic prior to departure to make certain that your request is something they can handle.

If you have further questions, contact Bridget Hughes, SU Abroad Assistant Director, Student Services, at or (315) 443-1844.

Prescription Medication

If you take prescription medication, you will have to plan for this in advance of your semester abroad in London.

Quite a few medications are illegal in the UK. Ensure you are allowed the medication before you bring it over.

Before coming to London, it is important that you speak with your physician to obtain a semester-long supply of your medication(s). Make sure you are provided with a prescription or physician’s statement for your medication(s) because UK border staff may request to see this. It’s good practice to have your doctor prescribe substitute/alternate medication(s) in case the one you need is not available abroad.

It would benefit you to take note of the generic name of your medication(s) because you will find that some other countries may not recognize the US brand names.

Please note that medication cannot be shipped to you from home.