London Passport

One of the most official documents granted by a country to its citizens is a passport, and everyone who studies with the Syracuse University London Program will hold at least one. Many Americans apply for their first passport specifically to study abroad with us; other students have needed a passport and F1 visa to enroll at our home campus in Syracuse, New York.

In addition to marking you as a citizen of a particular country, a passport grants you particular privileges to move around the globe and access services – though not all passports are created equal. A British passport, for instance, grants its bearers automatic access to 118 countries with virtually no paperwork involved…while Afghani citizens can enter only 5 countries with such ease.

Beyond the practical realities of identification and borders, a passport acts as a record, a scrapbook, and a biography: It is literally a ‘graph’ of your ‘bio’, as immigration entry and exit stamps chronicle your travels.

While your national passport confirms your status as a particular country’s citizen, the Syracuse London experience seeks to evolve your identity as a global citizen. To support this, we’ve created our own version of the passport to document your time abroad. By participating in our co-curricular programming, sharing about your independent explorations, and reflecting on what you’re learning, you can earn stamps and prizes.


The Details

The London Passport creates a structure around which you can tailor and shape adventures in ways that are meaningful to you. When we give you the document, we are marking you as something more than ‘an American’, ‘a Brit’, or ‘an Indian’, questioning identities and encouraging you to consider:

  • How do you want to challenge yourself?
  • What types of experience do you most want to immerse yourself in?
  • How will you move beyond tourist and become a local Londoner, an international traveler, and a global citizen?

Rather than receiving stamps from country’s immigration officials, you can earn stamps from our Program Office staff in various categories, focusing your personal growth and development around arenas of global citizenship:

  • Culture
  • Enterprise
  • Justice
  • Sustainability
  • Wellbeing

Learn more about the London Passport and its prizes from our Student Life Office in SR109, and spend time discussing current issues with the Syracuse London community for stamps at our Passport Lunch Series.