Syracuse Architecture London Program

The London R&D Workshops    

London is arguably today’s centre of global design. Syracuse University School of Architecture London programme directly engages the city and its design resources in the London R&D Workshops, exploring modes of research and design responsive to contemporary issues – social, material, technological, environmental. The Workshops introduce students to research as part of design inquiry, and to the vibrant design community of London.

London is an incubator city in that it’s accelerated pace of development, and central position in global trade, allow it to test, anticipate and play out urban formulas and preoccupations pertinent to cities engaged in the new normal of global economic exchange. Syracuse’s London R&D Design Studio invites students to experience the multifaceted environment of the city, to reflect on its history and to investigate its most urgent contemporary issues, which we believe will play out globally in time.

The London semester is comprised of workshops focused on interrelated themes, with an intentional synergy between design studio and survey field work. In addition to the selected themes, each term the London R&D Studios engage the city of London through an element of its infrastructure. A special critic is invited each semester to engage aspects of their practice with the studio themes, through lectures, critiques and specialized excursions.

Supporting the ARC Design Studio and ARC Survey courses are the ARC 500 Professional Elective course and the ARC 434 Architectural History course.