Beyond the Classroom

Study abroad is, ultimately, about learning and academics. But core to what makes studying abroad a valuable addition to a home campus curriculum is the learning and development that happens beyond the traditional classroom space and experience. Both our Academic and Program Staff work to create and support a number of opportunities for students to make discovering new places, things, and ideas a core part of their time with Syracuse London.


Exploring London

The vast majority of students who study at Syracuse London cite it as one of the highlights of their college careers. However, when asked what they might have done differently if given the chance, the insights they share reflect a few recurring themes. The main regret commonly expressed by students is their wish to have been more fully immersed in British culture. The second regret is that they would have liked to connect more fully with fellow students and faculty.

While London definitely has something for everyone, it can be easy to miss out on some of its hidden treasures – especially if you don’t know where to look. You want to get involved with our co-curricular offerings during the semester. All Syracuse London students can get a membership to the Students’ Union UCL, who run a number of exciting events and offer you the chance to be involved in British clubs and societies. Through events like our Love London kick-off, we give you opportunities to venture beyond the well-worn tourist and student trails to see London (and the world) through the eyes of Londoners. You can learn more about student life in London and co-curricular learning opportunities if you’re interested in other ways to get involved in Britain’s capital.


Programming Trips

Of course, we also recognise the excitement of exploring further afield – that’s why Syracuse London runs field trips in London, the UK and Europe. These are designed to give you new perspectives on different ways of life.

As part of the study abroad program, all students have the opportunity to participate in an all-university weekend field trip to a major European capital. Typical destinations include Paris, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, and Berlin. More details about these trips, and sign-up information for current semester students, is available on our Overnight Field Trip page.

We also organise day trips around the UK at least once a month, visiting well-known British cities like Oxford, York, Bristol, Brighton, and Cambridge. You can learn more about these on our Day Trips page.


Course Field Trips

Our professors view their jobs in study abroad as a special chance to go beyond the traditional academic setting – using London as a classroom for engaged learning. This means that many of our courses run mandatory field trips, which are often a highlight of the class and learning abroad. Before planning any independent travel, be sure to check your course schedules to ensure that there are no conflicts.