Health & Safety

Students’ health, safety, and wellbeing are our core priority. Our Assistant Director for Student Life & Wellbeing, Lisa Watkins, is the key point of contact for students experiencing physical or mental health concerns. A number of services, including access to London doctors and hospitals, are available for registered students. Additionally, Lisa runs a number of special events throughout the semester to support individual and community wellbeing; these include mindfulness trainings and retreats, open dialogues about key issues like healthy relationships, and awareness campaigns around gender-based violence and peer pressure.

Operations Staff also play a key role in supporting safety around our campus and on field trips. It is important that students take the appropriate actions to ensure their own health and safety as well; this is especially true while travelling. Students staying away from their regular London housing are required to complete an Independent Travel Form to provide the Syracuse London staff with emergency information in case of incidents abroad or missed transit connections.