Wellness @ Faraday

While academic excellence and growth is the core purpose of study abroad, individual and community wellbeing are critical to anyone’s ability to achievement these. Our programming thus includes a strong focus on wellness and a variety of systems and services to support physical and mental health.

In addition to our range of medical services, students will see activity around Faraday House during their semester in London. These include mindfulness trainings and retreats, open dialogues about key issues like healthy relationships, and awareness campaigns around gender-based violence and peer pressure. Wellbeing is one of our London Passport categories, actively encouraging students to participate in and think about these issues throughout their time in Europe.

Our Assistant Director for Student Life & Wellbeing, Lisa Watkins, is the key point of contact for students who would like to discuss ongoing mental health concerns or identify opportunities for wellbeing activities, but any of our staff are able to help – just swing by the Program Office!



featured image by Hollan Obinger, 2018