Living in London

For five times in seven years, London has won the best city award. It’s no wonder either. The city attracts millions of visitors each year. London’s cultural, social, and ethnic diversity is unlike anywhere else on earth. Whether you’re a budding designer, architect, actor, or simply a student of the world, your semester here will be one of the most enriching academic and personal experiences you can undertake. Your immersion into London life comes from living in your own flat, where you will soon discover that you are part of the city’s huge assortment of smaller towns, each with its own distinct character. The SU London center is in Bloomsbury, the heart of academic London, and the staff and faculty of Faraday House are ready to help you make your time abroad the experience of a lifetime.

Talk to recent SU London students
The best way to understand what to expect in London is to talk to someone who has already participated in the program. Our London global ambassadors took part in London road races, interned at multinational organizations, and took advantage of SU London field trips – ask them about London!