Alongside great course-related field trips led by your professors, the staff at Syracuse University London will organise excursions throughout the semester. Our Discover UKHidden LondonWellbeing Wednesdays, and Symposia Series are designed to give you insight into British culture and make the most of your time abroad. Because it’s going to fly by!

To keep track of all the memories you’ll be making, we invite you to Scrapbook your journey. Share your experiences with us by creating a ‘Fall 21 in London’ timeline and/or continuing to build your ‘Layers of London’ map from CAS200. Participate in our programming, document your independent explorations, and reflect on what you’re learning to build a digital memento and earn prizes.

Be creative – present your reflections in a fun, colourful, and meaningful way. Remember that even ‘mundane’, day-to-day life becomes history when it’s recorded!

Making your Scrapbook: Using Padlet is easy. You can install the Padlet app on you Apple or Android phone, or use the Padlet website. Add text, files, images, web links, video, audio, and drawings to record your experiences. The timeline layout allows you to post about an event, and then add new stories before, after, or between existing posts. You can move posts around, so it’s easy to rearrange your timeline. Learn more about building a Padlet timeline in this Instructional Video.

See an example on our Syracuse London Fall 2021 Program Timeline, where we’ll share our favourite moments of Mapping LondonImagining JusticeCreating Sustainability, and Shaping Futures.

Sharing your Scrapbook: Email your link to us at You can set up your Scrapbook, send the link now, and add to it throughout the semester, or send us a completed version in December. You can also submit your ‘Layers of London’ Google Map – we encourage you to add photos and further reflections throughout your time here.

Respecting Privacy: You should set your Padlet’s privacy settings to “Secret” so that only people you choose can view your Padlet. Make sure you always get permission when posting photos of other people, and follow the Syracuse University Code of Conduct when making and sharing content.


featured image by Allison Kaufman, 2021 Syracuse Abroad student