Hidden London

While London definitely has something for everyone, it can be easy to miss out on some of its lesser-known treasures, especially if you don’t know where to look.The metro’s thirty-two boroughs – plus the City of London itself – all have their own vibe and rich array of cafes, shopping, sport, art, and night life to offer. Through the “Hidden London” series, Syracuse London gives you opportunities to venture beyond the well-worn tourist/student trail and see London and the world through the eyes of Londoners. Learn more about the Fall 2021 Hidden London series in these flyers. Email ldnprogramming@syr.edu with questions.


Unseen City

Sunday 19 September, 11am

look at some of the City of London’s places and faces that often go unnoticed


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Photograph by Ethan Doyle White

From Dogs to Docks to Dollars

Saturday 25 September, 11am

explore the London Dockland’s transformation from Empire port to business district


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Photograph by Dominic Burris-North

The Black Presence in Georgian London

Sunday 17 October, 11am

trace the steps of Black Londoners living in the 1700s and 1800s, from boxers to aristocrats


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Portrait of Dido Belle by David Martin

Strange and Macabre Tales from the Big Smoke

Sunday 24 October, 11am

recount creepy stories, urban legends, and unusual traditions from the streets of London


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Photograph by Dominic Burris-North

Down by the Docks

Saturday 6 November, 11am

travel back in time to the era of pirates and press gangs, sailors and sea shanties


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Photograph by Mike Quinn


Saturday 20 November, 11am

honor the Windrush Generation, discover street art, and critique gentrification


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Photograph by Dominic Burris-North

Meet the Guide: Dominic Burris-North

Dominic is a Blue Badge Tour Guide, born and raised in London, who loves to help people in getting to know his city better. His tours are designed to unravel the multitudinous layers of London’s past and present and range in style from light-hearted and fun to serious and thought-provoking. Dominic’s specialisms include London and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Black presence in Georgian London, Canary Wharf, the London Docklands and Brixton.



The Hidden London series is supported by the family of Jill Curran, a student who studied abroad during the Fall 2002 term. Tragically, she died on 13 September 2002. Her family continues to support walking tours of the city in memory of Jill and the short time she enjoyed in London.