A Warm Welcome to London

From Syracuse University London Program.

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Learning Support

Learning support is available in the Program Office (SR 109) from Monday to Thursday.

Services being provided:

•Academic Tutoring is available throughout Monday to Thursday if you want basic assistance with your studies.

•Mentoring from an experienced counsellor is offered if you have an ongoing condition or facing a difficult moment that requires professional support.

•Coaching is provided by a qualified youth coach if you want specialist support and motivation to improve your wellbeing and academic performance.

◦Language tutoring can be provided on request if English is your second language and you need help adjusting to a new learning environment.
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London Cuse

For updates on events, activities, tips for living in London and more please follow London Cuse.


Travelling this weekend? Complete a Travel Form

If you spend any nights away from your registered London address, you must fill in SU London's online travel form.

Letting SU London staff know of your travel plans gives both the student and the institution an extra layer of security while you're off exploring the continent and beyond.

Click here to access the form. Please bookmark it for future use.

View our upcoming events

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