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Welcome Spring 2015 Students

Dear Students,

The world is divided into all sorts of people, and when it comes to instructions, I think there are two clear types -- those who read the instructions, and those who don't. Both probably get to where they are going in the end, but I can't help thinking that the first group manages to get where they are going just that much more quickly. The SU London web site isn't a set of instructions, precisely, but the SUL staff have created it for you with the same idea in mind: to help you get where you need to go.

It is easy to be a tourist in London -- the city has been a destination for travellers for nearly two thousand years, and 15 million people came last year. Being a student at SU London is straightforward. You are all already undergraduates, and I assume you know the basics, though some are reiterated here. But living in London as a local, albeit a short-term one? That is much more difficult.

To know that it is easier to change at Edgware Road than Paddington, though there's nothing on the Tube map that will tell you that. To buy food in a street market and get change from a tenner, rather than looking like a berk in a Food Hall with a mobile. That when you feel totally pants, Nightnurse is every bit as effective as Theraflu. That when people think of Royal Georges, it isn't an 18th c. madman (who was German anyway) but a beloved man who stayed even during the Blitz. Or it could just be their local, of course.

This is your semester, your time in London and your time abroad, and it is up to you what that looks like. I very much hope browsing our web site helps you shape it the way you want. Best of British.

Dr Troy Gordon, Interim Director

PS Always remember the languages aren't quite the same, and you can get caught by that even in places you don't expect.

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