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Message from the SU London Director

Dear SU London students,

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, SU London is currently reviewing all school-related field trips. Some trips will be modified and some will be cancelled, and we will notify you of any changes. We are exercising caution when it comes to traveling throughout Europe and remain dedicated to the safety of all students.   We also discourage independent travel to large European cities. If you do decide to go, here are the required steps you must take prior to departing:

1. You must complete the Independent Travel Form prior to departing.

2. You must have the centre Emergency Phone Number (+447957473159) with you and must travel with proper tools to communicate effectively (email access, cell phone and charger, etc.).

3. You must register your trip itinerary with the International SOS MyTrips Personal Travel Locator. NOTE: You must use the web-based portal to access MyTrips and upload your information. The app does not have this feature.

To register:

a. Go to the member login page of ISOS.

b. Enter the SU membership number [11BCPA000177] at the top of the page and click to login

c. Click the MyTrips Personal Travel Locator on the right-hand side of the screen

d. Follow the steps under the MyTrips portal to register (use your SYR email address as your username)

You can also set up email alerts through ISOS, and we find their information to be among the most up-to-date.

Dr. Troy P Gordon Interim Director


Travelling this weekend? Complete a Travel Form

Students: if you spend any nights away from your registered London address, you must fill in SU London's online travel form.

Letting SU London staff know of your travel plans greatly aids our ability to offer help should you need it. Completing a travel form simply gives you an extra layer of comfort and security while you're off exploring the continent and beyond.

Click here to view the easy, breezy form and please bookmark it for future use.

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