Discover UK

While London is undeniably an amazing city, don’t forget that there is far more to the United Kingdom than England’s capital. Over the semester, we encourage you to explore the wonderful Welsh countryside, follow in the footsteps of the Romans and Vikings in York, and enjoy the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Great Britain and Northern Ireland have more to offer than you might think – embrace it all!

In addition to your independent explorations, we’ll Discover UK together with a series of day trips and overnight excursions around Britain. Email for details.


St Albans

2 October

step back in time to Roman Britain

Sign-ups open Tuesday 28 September. Itinerary here.

Liverpool and Manchester

10-12 October

walk in the Beatles’ footsteps along the Mersey

Sign-ups are now closed.

Isle of Thanet

30 October

escape to resort towns with a hip new twist

Sign-ups open Tuesday 26 October.


10-12 November

journey north to Scotland’s capital

Sign-ups are now closed.


27 November

enjoy the ‘quintessentially English’ villages

Sign-ups open Tuesday 23 November.