Housing is an important element of your study abroad experience. Whilst you’ll be out exploring a great amount of time, when you’re not you’ll need a place to call home!

Getting used to ‘normal’ London housing can take some time. A city steeped with rich heritage and historic architecture, most of London’s buildings are set up as shared housing. We think placing you in a regular flat (instead of a university dorm) is an important part of being a ‘local’ and adds a lot to your study abroad and cultural experience.

Flats will differ from each other, as each building in London is unique. Electricity and gas equipment, as well as showers and kitchen appliances, may differ from what you’re used to – but each flat will come with a guide. We take great pride in the quality of housing that we’re able to provide you and are here to help should anything not be going to plan. Equally, we love hearing how happy you are in your housing and neighbourhood!

If you have any questions about your flat, your local area, or living in London, then our Student Support Office is here to help.

featured image by Philip Mo, 2018 Syracuse Abroad student