Academic Excellence

We are here to provide you with an inclusive learning environment and additional support to help you thrive as a global student. We are not only committed to the Syracuse tradition of excellence in scholarship, but also to offering new learning experiences in the classroom and around the city.

The courses at Syracuse London are designed to make as much use as possible of London’s unique resources and opportunities, integrating them whenever possible into the curriculum, be it through class visits, guest speakers or case studies. An extensive selection of liberal arts and pre-professional courses is offered each semester, ranging from survey courses in fields such as art history, politics and sociology to highly specialized courses in design, photojournalism and architecture.

If you have questions about:

Add/drop, pass/fail, academic and financial deadlines: Talk with the Registrar, Eugenia Francis.

Your courses: Speak with the Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning, Dr Becca Farnum.

Learning accommodations support: Provide your documentation to the Registrar, Eugenia Francis.

Course related field trips: Send an email to the Academic Office.
Please note that course-related field trips are mandatory to attend and some may take place over the weekend. Thus, please do not make travel plans before you arrive in London and see your course outlines, otherwise you might need to rearrange your personal travel plans as course-related field trips take precedence.

Internships: Get in touch with Charlie Loynes, the Internship Program Manager.

Independent study: Ask your desired professor, the Registrar, Eugenia Francis, or the Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning, Dr Becca Farnum.

Help with your writing: Visit our Learning Support page for more information.

Libraries around London: We can suggest several options.

Policies and Procedures: Please see this link for information.