Safety Abroad

Like the safety demonstration on an airplane, it is easy to ignore this section on safety. It may not feel like the most riveting; it may seem redundant to your experience and knowledge. But the truth is that health and safety are constant concerns, and travelling puts you at greater risk – not only because you may not know some of the local customs or norms, but also because you are more likely to be distracted.

The staff at Syracuse Abroad and Faraday House will do everything they can to ensure your safety. Ultimately, though, you are responsible for yourself.

Working with the US Embassy, the Metropolitan Police, and International SOS, Syracuse London will provide current semester students with updated information about a variety of security and safety issues, both in London and beyond. It remains up to you to use what we give you proactively to support your safety and wellbeing.

  • Current students must:
    • Supply Syracuse London with updated contact details to support emergency announcements
    • Inform Syracuse London every time you stay away from your provided London housing
    • Check your email and be responsive to requests we make to ensure your safety
    • Program an “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) contact into your phone
    • Follow the “Safety Basics” advice provided
  • You should also:
  • If anything has happened:
    • Remember that the sooner you tell Syracuse London and/or the police, the better we can support you
    • Report crime incidents to the London Metropolitan Police

If you have questions about security around Syracuse London or safety while travelling, be in touch with the Faraday House staff.