Field Studies

Studying abroad with us means that London is your classroom! Our faculty and staff all work to create an inclusive environment with many opportunities to engage with and learn from the wider world. Every semester, professors lead more than three hundred visits to museums, theatres, sporting arenas, markets, and more. These course-related field trips are complemented by our Hidden London and Discover UK co-curricular programming.

Syracuse London also offers two Signature Seminars, intensive travelling courses that run as prequels or sequels to a semester abroad.

The “Borders in Flux: Identities and Conflict in Ireland” seminar considers the relationship between politics and religion in Ireland, what constructs a ‘national identity’, and how the violent past of Ireland impacts the present day. The ten-day program includes cycling around Dublin’s iconic city centre, hiking through scenery featured in shows like Game of Thrones, and examining ‘phoenix tourism’ at the Titanic Belfast. Students can register for HST 300.4REL 300.4, or PSC 400.4. You can learn more about the class through London’s Virtual Classroom, the “Questioning Borders” Symposium, or this mock newspaper article covering the 1916 Easter Uprising.

“Sustainability on Trial: Environmental Justice in Northern Europe” examines contested approaches to ‘being green’ by conducting an ethnography of sustainable urban design in Scandinavia and Indigenous politics in the Arctic Circle. Students on this seminar earn three Geography credits. You can see examples of student coursework through this PSA about Ethical Travel, dedicated Instagram accounts capturing food ethics and animal science issues, a series of protest posters inspired by the trip, and a policy brief about urban green spaces.