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London’s resources are vast: The city is home to world-class art, theatre, and music while also serving as a financial and business hub. Our classes represent and build on these strengths, making use of London as a classroom through class visits, guest speakers, and case studies. Over seventy courses are taught at Faraday House, from experienced teachers and professionals who are approved as professors by the Syracuse home departments. All of Syracuse’s schools and colleges are represented in our curriculum, which spans from the creative industries to economics and psychology. We have special programs for Architecture, Computer Science, Design, Drama, and Law. You can browse our courses here.

The Syracuse University London Program is open to any student enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program at an American institution. If you are interested in learning more or applying, please visit the Syracuse Abroad website.

Current students seeking information about academic policies, adding and dropping courses, course-related field trips, and learning support should visit our Academic Excellence page. You can also learn more about co-curricular programming and engagement opportunities here.


Meet the Academic Team:

Troy Gordon

Troy Gordon

Meet Dr Gordon

Dr Troy Gordon earned a BA from the University of Puget Sound, and an MA and PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. From 2001-2006, Dr Gordon was Lecturer in Writing Programs at UCLA, and in 2007 he relocated to London to serve as Head of the Media & Communications Department and later as Associate Dean at Hult International Business School.

In 2012, Dr Gordon took up the post of Academic Director at Syracuse London before stepping into the role of Director, a position he has held since 2014. Dr Gordon researches, teaches and presents on techniques and uses of mass persuasion; the study of mass atrocities and post-conflict societies; critical perspectives on US foreign policy; male/female friendship; study abroad education; and the changing nature of work and organisational life in the 21st century.

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Becca Farnum

Becca Farnum

Teaching & Learning
Meet Becca

Dr Becca Farnum is an environmental activist-academic currently serving as our Assistant Director for Teaching & Learning. Becca began working at Syracuse London in September 2017 as she was finishing her PhD at King’s College London, which explored conservation and peace activism in the Middle East and North Africa. Becca’s past work has involved contributing to the International Law Commission’s policy on environmental peacebuilding; running an educational exchange between Norway and Norfolk; and serving a stint with Michelle Obama’s Correspondence Team at The White House. Dr Farnum’s teaching focuses on inclusive learning and transformative pedagogies, supporting students to understand and purposefully impact global change.

Originally from the US, Becca moved to the UK as a Marshall Scholar and has been passionate about student opportunities in Europe ever since. When not in Faraday House, Becca loves hiking mountains and deserts around the world, swimming in oceans and lakes, and baking cookies en masse.

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Eugenia Francis-Williams

Eugenia Francis-Williams

Student Records
Meet Eugenia

Eugenia Francis-Williams joined Syracuse University London in 1986 and has held a number of roles. She is now serving as Registrar.

Born in the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies, Eugenia joined her parents and siblings in London in 1961. She enjoys family gatherings, cooking, dancing and keeping fit.

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Maggie Scull

Maggie Scull

Meet Maggie

Dr Maggie Scull is a modern historian whose work explores religious institutions, secularisation, political violence, sectarianism, and peace. She currently serves as Academic Program Manager at Syracuse London, supporting curricular administration. Previously, Maggie held an Irish Research Council postdoctoral fellowship at NUI Galway. After graduating from Boston University, Dr Scull earned a Master’s and PhD at King’s College London while beginning her teaching career, which has included work with American students abroad.

Maggie’s interdisciplinary research explores the relationship between religion and politics in the contemporary period. Her current work examines the role of funerals throughout the conflict in Northern Ireland. Oxford University Press published her first book, The Catholic Church and the Northern Ireland Troubles, 1968-98, in 2019. She has been a regular contributor to the international press including The BBC, The Irish Times, and RTÉ Brainstorm. In addition to managing our internship program and teaching “The Global Workplace”, Dr Scull leads our Signature Seminar on “Borders in Flux: Identities and Conflict in Ireland.”

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Ellen Common

Ellen Common

Experiential Learning
Meet Ellen

Originally from Leeds, Ellen Common earned her degree in French and Hispanic Studies from the University of Liverpool in 2020. Her studies involved learning not just the languages themselves, but also about the varied cultures of the Francophone and Hispanic worlds. Passionate about community engagement, Ellen’s role as Experiential Learning Administrator involves working with faculty to use London and Europe as a classroom.

As part of her studies, Ellen spent a year living abroad, expanding her interest in different cultures and her love of hearing about people’s diverse experiences from around the world. She is fascinated by how language shapes and influences society, and has previously worked in various educational settings due to her interest in creative teaching and learning methods. When she’s not at work, you will find Ellen at a gig, reading, doing yoga, or at the cinema!

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