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Recently returned from a semester abroad in London? This page is for you.


Practical tips for returning home 

Dealing with “reverse culture shock”

The transition home from your study abroad experience can be as powerful as your trip to London. As you have grown accustom to a new culture, some of you might feel disoriented when returning to your home culture. Try to be patient and know that this is a normal, recognized phenomenon called “reverse culture shock”.

How might reverse culture shock manifest itself? Preparing to leave London was probably both exciting and stressful. You may have felt euphoric at the thought of going home and then subsequently being home, but a bit later on you might have felt lonely, alienated and even a bit irritated. You will re‐adjust to your home and university environments but with your “new eyes” – different knowledge and attitudes developed during your experience abroad. Allow yourself time to sort through feelings about your time abroad and to integrate your new international interests and learning into your stateside world. Anticipating your needs will allow for a smoother adjustment.

Your experience abroad has helped you demonstrate skills you may not be aware of, and you can maximize this experience in your graduate school applications and/or job interviews. Differentiate yourself from the crowd by describing challenges within your study abroad experiences which may have resulted in: Creative thinking, taking responsibility, cross‐cultural communications, thinking quickly, taking initiative, overcoming obstacles, adapting to new environments, managing stress, learning from your mistakes.

Keep in touch with your experience abroad

SU Abroad Global Ambassador Program

Pay your experience forward by assisting SU Abroad as a Global Ambassador to connect with prospective study abroad students. Global Ambassadors’ responsibilities including e‐advising, pre‐departure meetings and hosting information sessions or tables in the student centre.

Slutzker Center for International Services

Connect to others through the International Student Center intercultural groups, activities and lectures on campus.

Other opportunities

Write an article for the Daily Orange, take a class with an international flavour (i.e. art, dance, music), watch foreign films, read BBC news, UK newspapers and literature by British or foreign authors, or listen to London radio stations online.

Interested in returning to the UK?

Some of you might want to consider options of returning to the UK through studying, volunteering or interning. Click here to see a list of organizations to consider. These are just a few of the many options available.