Syracuse University, based in New York state, operates one of the oldest and most successful American study abroad programs in London, alongside other centres in Florence, Madrid, Strasbourg, Istanbul, Beijing, Hong Kong and Santiago. Based at Faraday House in Bloomsbury, the Syracuse University London Program annually offers three semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer) of study abroad curricula and programming to a diverse undergraduate and postgraduate student body. Faraday House is also Syracuse University’s main platform for initiatives in the U.K. and Europe, making Syracuse London the host for a variety of guests from the home campus and other academic partners.

The Syracuse London staff include Administrative, Operations, and Program Offices, as well as an extensive number of Adjunct Faculty and seasonal guides for our Arrivals & Orientation program. Current vacancies for staff and teaching positions will be posted here. Students planning to study abroad with Syracuse London interested in work-study positions should speak with the London Admissions Counselor. Individuals interested in serving as an Arrivals & Orientation Guide should email a copy of their CV, along with a brief statement of interest, to our Assistant Director for Programming and Student Life, Nada Silman. Please note that our need for A&O Guides is seasonal, with hours generally available in late August/early September and mid-January.


There are not currently any staff or teaching vacancies.