Diversity & Inclusion

Syracuse University London has a commitment to fostering a campus that is free from discrimination and celebrates the diversity of its community. A safe space to study, work and live together as a community requires our focus on appreciating and valuing each other for our unique identities.

Code of Conduct
As an institution of higher education, Syracuse University fosters learning and growth. It seeks to provide all students with a safe and secure learning environment that is free of crime and/or policy violations motivated by discrimination, sexual and bias-related harassment, and other violations of rights. SU London recognizes and values the similarities and differences among students. Discrimination, sexual and bias-related harassment, and other violations of rights disrupt the educational process and will not be tolerated. Your student handbook outlines your rights and responsibilities.

Students who feel they have been the target of bias (or who have witnessed a bias-related incident) may report the incident to the Assistant Director for Programming and Student Life, Nada Silman at nwsilman@syr.edu. Alternatively, you can contact the SU London Emergency Phone, which will be covered by a member of the Program Office staff at all times, on +44 (0)79 5747 3159.

Syracuse University has been ranked by the Huffington Post in their top 10 colleges in the US to support LGBT students. Our campus community in London, while small in comparison, extends that support to study abroad.

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Support & Guidance
Staff in the Program Office are available for a private one-to-one conversation if you need support or guidance. However, it is important to note that they are not trained counselors or mental health experts. If you need professional support, we can refer you to a number of different experts.

SU campus policies apply to the SU Abroad community. To learn more about these policies, follow the links below.

Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy

Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Assault Prevention

Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services

Syracuse University prohibits harassment or discrimination related to any protected category including creed, ethnic or national origin, gender, pregnancy, disability, marital status, political or social affiliation, age, race, color, veteran status, military status, religion, sexual orientation, domestic violence status, gender identity, gender expression or perceived gender. Any complaint of discrimination or harassment related to any of these protected bases should be reported to the University’s Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services Office. The Chief Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services Office is staffed by four full-time professionals who are responsible for coordinating compliance efforts under the various laws including Titles VI, IX and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. This office can be contacted at Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services, 005 Steele Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244; by email: e-eoirs@syr.edu; or by telephone: 315-443-4018.