Traveling on a Budget

Traveling is undoubtedly a huge part of the study abroad experience. Luckily, traveling in and around the UK and Europe is cheaper than it is in the United States. SU London provides school-sponsored overnight field trips, student travel packages and school-sponsored one day field trips. Keep an eye out for what is being offered by the school – we are always looking out for great deals for you all. However, you will still want to plan your own independent travel. Below are some tips on how to stretch out the value for a trip.

When to travel
Keep an eye out for UK school term dates to avoid paying more for travel. During school holidays, travel can be as high as triple the usual cost. Use the dates in the link above to plan your travel at a discounted rate.

Discount travel
There are many ways to get discount travel. Here are some helpful links:

British Airways Holiday Finder

The Train Line
Get a Railcard for discounted travel

National Express


Travel Form
Finally, please do not forget to fill out the Travel Form before any planned overnight trips. We can only help and reach out to you if we know you are away.