One of our goals for students’ time in London is the development of their global citizenship – being aware of how the world is connected, how it affects individuals, and how they influence it. A core part of our programming revolves around civic engagement: While our study abroad students may not be a legal citizen of the UK, they are residents of London while studying with us – and that means London is their community, and they have a role in its policies and practices.

Spending times with volunteering opportunities and sustainable initiatives is a great way to live London locally. London is really just a network of villages – each with its own ecosystem. Volunteering within these communities offers the chance to connect with locals and see a side to the city people may not otherwise be exposed to.


For Spring 2020 students:

Two pillars of global citizenship are people and planet, concerned with how our actions impact society and the environment in both positive and negative ways. During your time at Syracuse London, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in intentional action and reflection around these themes.

Independently, you can participate in our London Passport program – a physical representation of your global citizenship! With the group, there a few service learning events you can be part of this semester.

During World Interfaith Harmony Week, join us for some cultural exchange with London’s richly diverse refugee communities on Thursday 6 February.

On Thursday 19 March, we’ll join Syracuse alumni and students around the world for the 150 Days of Service initiative in honour of the University’s sesquicentennial. Staff and students from Faraday House will┬ábe cooking together at our local Ronald McDonald House, a charity providing free accommodation to families whose children are in the hospital. You’ll have the chance to learn more about the British healthcare system, speak with people from around the UK, and cook lots of potatoes with your mates!

And on Thursday 16 April, we’ll look forward to Earth Day by planting some trees with Camden County Council – serving to help offset the carbon footprint of our flights this semester.

Register with or get more information from Becca, our Community Outreach Advocate.


Please note: The short-term study visas that most Syracuse London students are on during their time at Faraday House require that students do not take employment in the UK. This includes paid or unpaid regular, formally scheduled work. One-off volunteering events and civic engagement are permitted (and encouraged).