In honour of Global Diversity Awareness Month and as part of the “Black London Means…” Symposium, Faraday House hosted a mini-exhibit produced by Communications Design students at our home campus of Syracuse University in New York during October 2019. Several of the designers are alumni of the Syracuse University London Program.

This series of posters captures the negative impact that seemingly small actions of intolerance have. These instances of ‘miniaturised’ discrimination – microaggressions – become and reflect larger structural problems.

Special thanks to Roderick Martinez, Program Coordinator, for curating the exhibit, along with the young designers who built on their personal experiences to create and share these meaningful messages: Jane Firmin, Abigayle Gaudreau, Karleigh Henry, Shijing Li, Jenna McCann, Nila Nejad, Sarah Noll, Audrey Stevens, and Melanie Sidle.