Discovery & Engagement

The vast majority of students who study at SU London cite it as one of the highlights of their college careers. However, when asked what they might have done differently if given the chance, the insights they share reflect a few recurring themes. The main regret commonly expressed by students is their wish to have been more fully immersed in British culture. The second regret is that they would have liked to connect more fully with fellow students and faculty.

While London definitely has something for everyone, it can be easy to miss out on some of its hidden treasures, especially if you don’t know where to look. You need to get involved with some of the extra-curricular events during the course of the semester like the Love London Week, or UCLU Clubs & Societies. We give you opportunities to venture beyond the well-worn tourist/student trail and see London and the world through the eyes of Londoners.

Field Trips
SU London runs field trips in London, the UK and Europe. They are designed to give you new perspectives on different ways of life.

All-School Overnight Field Trips: All SU London students, as part of their program fee, will have the opportunity to choose from one of three all-school overnight field trips. Travel, accommodation and activities are all covered in these trips. There will be a good balance of planned activities and free time on these field trips with staff on-hand to help with any health, safety & security issues.

Optional Overnight Field Trips: There will be additional fees attached to only the Optional Field Trips, but you will have the benefit of a trip that is organised and supported by SU London and you will gain insights that are not as readily available when travelling on your own. You will need to sign up to participate in these trips, as most of them will have a limited enrollment number.

You will be e-mailed in advance with information about the semester schedule so that you may choose your trips.

Course Field Trips
Some courses run mandatory field trips. You will need to check your course schedules before planning any independent travel to ensure that there are no conflicts.