Field Trip Sign Ups

Syracuse London Field Trips | Fall 2018

Your semester in London has nearly arrived and you might already be thinking about departing on travels!

Syracuse London organizes field trips in the capital, as well as across the UK and Europe. There will be further opportunities to attend events, trips and shows that you will be able to sign up for throughout the semester. You will also be able to see most of the city you will call home for the next few months with all of the activities planned for our renowned Love London event, so keep an eye out on activities on offer between August 31st – September 9th.

You can contact our Programming Coordinator, Stephen Halliday, if you have any questions about the field trips listed below.

All-School Overnight Field Trips

September 21-23
Sign ups open soon

October 19-21
Sign ups open soon

November 9-11
Sign ups open soon

All-School Day Trips

Friday, September 28th
Registration opens on Tuesday, September 18th

Friday, October 12th
Registration opens on Tuesday, October 2nd

Friday, November 9th
Registration opens on Tuesday, October 30th